Yarrow flower essence

Yarrow flower essence


Yarrow flower essence is a powerful remedy for emotional and energetic protection. It creates a luminous and strong auric field, protecting the etheric and auric bodies. It fills these bodies with a sphere of white light that shields us from absorbing negative or toxic psychic influences. It is also very effective at protecting from electromagnetic interference which can leave us feeling depleted and drained.

White Yarrow has the ability to increase and strengthen the auric field’s integrity. Within Yarrow’s protective sphere, we are able to maintain compassionate awareness and comfortable sensitivity. This essence is very versatile and is an important remedy to help people navigate their way through these changing times. It is also beneficial for those working in the healing arts, providing protection from the physical, emotional and psychic energies of their clients.

Yarrow is also great for the throat chakra.

If you are an empath or highly sensitive person and frequently feel vulnerable to others and the environment, feel easily depleted, and/or overly absorbent of negative energy, this remedy is here to help. It is a must!

Ingredients: essences of white yarrow, purified water, brandy

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