We all want quick fixes for healing. Unfortunately, there is no magic, overnight cure to true healing. It takes some time, along with a willingness to heal, to unlearn a lifetime of old beliefs, patterns and programs. The good news is, we heal a lot faster with the support of a guide or teacher. In repeated sessions together, you and I can really dig in and do the work. It's also very economical! I have created comprehensive one-month and three-month packages to address a series of issues as the basis of our work. However, they can and will be customized to whatever comes up during our time together!

How it works

One Month Package

  • Two 90-minute healing sessions with intuitive counseling
  • A full size healing elixir from the Apothecary
  • Weekday direct e-mail access & support


Three Month Package

  • Biweekly 90-minute healing sessions with intuitive counseling
  • A full size healing elixir from the Apothecary
  • Weekday direct e-mail access & support


Healing sessions consist of Breathwork, Reiki, Intuitive Tarot or a combination thereof. They will also include intuitive counseling, guided meditation, and homework (actionable steps).

If you're in NYC, we will meet for in-person healing sessions on a regular basis. If you're elsewhere, we will connect over Zoom, FaceTime or Skype and your healing essence/elixir will be mailed to you.

No matter where you are, you'll have weekday direct e-mail access for support in between sessions.

What to expect

Healing is a journey. It takes work and commitment, and the road is filled with highs and lows. We will work to release and heal old, limiting beliefs and programs, as well as energetic blocks stuck in the body (pain, grief, trauma, anger, anxiety, fear, etc.). Expect to discover things about yourself that you never realized. Expect to open up more than you ever thought possible.

You will be supported and held the entire time. The wonderful thing about healing is, even though you must heal yourself, you don't have to do it alone. I am here to guide and coach you. Push you to past the resistance that comes when doing shadow work. I work with you, your Higher Self, and the Angels and Spirit Guides to heal and release all that does not serve you.

At the end of our time together, you will feel lighter and more free. You will have more information about yourself, a better connection to the Higher Realms and tools for protection and self-care. 


Rose heart healing

The Rose Healing package is designed to help you heal your heart and connect to the Divine Feminine. This is for anyone looking to release the isolating walls of protection built up around it, and open their heart chakra. We will use Roses as the foundation for our work together, using and connecting to this Divinely healing plant in many ways. Roses are the ultimate medicine, healing in a multitude of ways physically and vibrationally. In you're in NYC, we will do a Rose Ritual healing at the end of every session.

In both packages, you'll receive a full size bottle of The Heart of Venus.

ROSE package
violet park.jpg


The Violet package helps you open up to all the joy, peace and love life has to offer. Violet medicine dissolves any barriers, reservations, or shyness built up around you for protection. It will help you make connections from a place of warmth and confidence. You'll learn to protect your energy without shutting anyone out, and heal the old wounds and traumas that made you feel unsafe.

Perfect for anyone wanting to open up and show the world who they truly are. In both packages, you'll receive a full size bottle of Violet flower essence.

VIOLET package

Sacred Datura

Sacred Datura is a spiritual vision aid that cuts through illusion, helping us to see beyond our current reality. This package is for you if you're looking to deepen your connection to your Spirit and the unseen realms, and enhance receptivity on all levels of consciousness.

This medicine will dissolve deeply held, limiting beliefs and give you the courage to let go of the familiar and secure. We will work together to ease the confusion and paradox often experienced during periods of transformation and perceptual shifts. This is deep, life-changing soul work. Are you ready?

In both packages, you'll receive a full size bottle of Sacred Datura flower essence.