I practice Reiki, 13th Octave LaHoChi, Pranayama Breathwork, Tarot, and create Plant & Vibrational Medicines. These are beautiful tools gifted to us by the universe, who loves us so, so much. They have changed my life in ways I never imagined.

And they will change yours. 

It doesn't happen overnight, but you can heal yourself from anything. You may be thinking "How? I am doing everything I can already." I have thought that so many times myself. I was a completely jaded skeptic. But by being here, reading this right now, you have already started a new way. All you need is a willingness to try, and someone to show you the way. Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. 

I will open that door.

This journey is surprising, winding, beautiful, painful, heart-opening, life-affirming and life changing. It is Joy. It is an act of self-love, and the most important commitment you could ever make -- to yourself.  

Let's walk together on this new path. I can't wait to meet you and create magic with you.

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I have studied with renowned healers such as Ari Roberts, Pamela Miles, Padma Gonzalez, and David Elliot. 

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Kind words

I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful exchange yesterday. Your lightworking is so powerful and cosmic. I’m still in awe over what I experienced throughout our session. You helped me move through intense, deep blocks of energy that I wasn’t even aware were still an issue. I feel so much lighter, more connected and aligned — just beautiful plant medicines and lightworking.

I can’t recommend your work enough!
— Ashley Glynn,
After just one consultation with Jordan, I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as a renewed sense of purpose. I was struggling to address some underlying issues that were interfering with my ability to move forward in my creative process. With utmost grace, she holds a safe space for dreamers to reflect on the obstacles that prevent them from stepping up to the plate so that their highest expression can be made manifest. She also provides practical tools and resources to ground your visions so that they are not lost floating in the ethers. I was most impressed by her response to my questions pertaining to social justice, equality, inclusivity, and being of service to others while creating a healing based business. She is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and experience some of her magic and wisdom.
— Michelle Price
I admire Jordan’s creative intersections of different healing modalities and her honesty about her healing process. What really made me invest in a session was how she explained this service on her website. I was searching for an energy clearing session and I had several options to chose from, but this was most culturally relevant to me... Unlike other healers I have encountered, she helped to draw forth THE DEEPEST of the deep wounds. Even in my dream world (and despite my family’s ability to dream) I have not encountered such darkness. But in the darkness comes the light, comes our higher selves. Darkness ensures the optimal levels of growth occurs. I was able to see my Inner Child in her fullness and glory too.

I am glad she helped me to complete an integral part in my healing. Prior to the healing, I was in a daze and vibrating at some of the lowest vibrational state possible. But after it, I was able to see Jordan in all of her Highest Self glory. I literally kept saying ‘I see you’. Like her eyes even looked different. I was able to see her as the Spiritual leader she definitely is... I am beyond grateful for what she advised for me to do. I will definitely book her and refer her to those who are seeking to heal. THANK YOU!
— Emily December
Jordan! Thank you for sharing your healing energy and breathwork with me (us) today. I so needed that time to clear and it’s a constant work in progress for me.... Again THANK you for the work you do and sharing your gift. And of course your bad-ass good music selection that really moved me in an awesome way!
— Myriam M.
Thank you SO much for giving so many tangible tools for a sensitive person to use. Just recently I was feeling so overwhelmed by my sensitivity and then general lack of understanding of it from many people in my life, and your workshop was like a bright light in that moment. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom. I appreciate you and your work!
— Andrea Stopa
I adore Four of Swords (as well as Strength, Heart of Venus and Elixir of the Goddess).

Have shared these items as gifts for my friends and partner and they are also quite well received.

You are a talented witch and herbalist.
— Natalie LeGrande
Hi Jordan, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your work. You have such an amazing presence and grounded energy... You are the perfect healer/teacher and I’m so happy I met you.
— Nicole Jenkins, Prep for Prosperity
I really enjoyed my [Breathwork] experience and it felt like it was what I needed. And your guidance and explanations at the beginning, as well as your presence during the session was incredibly useful. The next day one of my friends, who didn’t know I went to see you, made a comment that I looked better/brighter :) ... I need to come back again!
— Ilona L.
During my reiki session with Jordan I became extremely relaxed. I could feel energy flowing through my body; warmth engulfed my scalp. I actually thought she had applied heat to my head. After the session it was as if a weight had been lifted from me. I was able to sleep the night; something I had not done in weeks!
— Jessica Troncone
I love Ostara Apothecary medicines and essences! My seasonal remedy duo keeps my immune system up and my body healthy. They both taste delicious! I know exactly what’s in these medicines and that makes me happy. I take my flower essences daily, I believe they have been helping me on a vibrational level and with internal healing. Jordan is lovely, she definitely pours her love into her work!
— Stephanie Moreno
Holy freaking frijoles. This Moon tincture TOTALLY WORKS in making my menstrual cramps disappear!!!! I have had INSANE cramping since having my baby, totally debilitating type cramping. But I kid you not, a couple drops of this eased the pain within 10 mins. Get you some!!!
— Vanessa R.
I bought the MOON elixir last night from you and I’m already in love with it! It’s very effective and the taste is actually really great! Thank you so so much!:)
— Danielle K.