Black-eyed Susan flower essence

Black-eyed Susan flower essence


Black-eyed Susan allows old habits, beliefs and emotions to meet the light of transformation. It gives golden protection and strength as one releases those old, negative patterns. An anti-repressor, it is a powerful essence for unlocking areas of old trauma or pain that we’ve walled off within ourselves. 

Black-eyed Susan reaches into the past to create a new lineage and heal familial rifts. It clears karma and heals anger and guilt.

Black-eyed Susan brings light to the darkest of areas (just like the golden petals surround a dark center), giving us the courage to go deep and release that which is trapped. It helps the soul in its integration of both light and dark, perceived and hidden aspects of the consciousness.

Wildcrafted and made with Love in Brooklyn. 

Ingredients: essence of black-eyed susan, brandy and purified water


[if you need an alcohol-free version, please tell me in the Notes field at checkout.]

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photo by Steffanie Greer


Take 4 drops directly on the tongue, or in water, whenever the soul calls. You can also tap into your pulse points or directly on your heart.

This is a Vibrational Remedy. Such medicine incorporates the use of chi energies within living organisms such as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, sunlight, and even the foods we eat. Everything we see and touch around us has a consciousness. We need look no further than the planet on which we live to take advantage of its natural vibrational remedies to help us balance the energies within our own bodies.

This essence is stock-bottle strength. You can take this directly, or further dilute in a dosage bottle. Making a dosage bottle from your stock bottle will extend the life of your essences. Just add 1-7 drops of your stock bottle to another bottle, and then fill that new bottle with 50% alcohol (to preserve) and 50% water. Each stock bottle contains about 450 drops... that’s the possibility of hundreds of dosage bottles! The further a vibrational remedy is diluted, the further the vibrations will spread. Think of a leaf falling into a pond. The vibrations ripple through the water much further than the little leaf could actually touch. This is how vibrational remedies work!