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Flower Essence Sessions at The Alchemist's Kitchen

  • The Alchemist's Kitchen 21 E 1st St New York,  NY 10003 (map)

Flowers are full of healing and high-vibrational frequencies, and flower essences offer profound, deep healing on all levels. This medicine works on the vibrational, emotional and mental levels to gently shift any imbalances within our being. Flower essences find their way past any barriers or beliefs to bring us into alignment with what and who we truly desire to be. It's the light medicine that gets in through the cracks and opens you up from the inside.

Jordan Catherine Pagán is an herbalist and medicine maker of Ostara Apothecary. She creates handcrafted, high-vibrational flower essences in Brooklyn, NY. In this 30 minute session, Jordan will create a customized flower essence blend based on your needs and intentions for healing and expansion. You will leave with a full-sized flower remedy and regimen, plus guidance and tips for moving forward on your path.


Advance booking is recommended!


tickets are non-refundable