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Heal Your Heart with Flowers! Plant Wisdom for Heart Healing & Self Love

  • The Alchemist's Kitchen 21 E 1st St. New York, NY 10003 (map)

Love. It's the key to everything, right? The worker of miracles, the ultimate healer and highest of frequencies. It said said that if you want to heal the world, heal yourself - and that begins in our hearts. Self love.  Everything begins with the self.

The heart is not just a muscle, keeping us alive. It is the center from where we feel, think, and dream. It is the space where our highest and best selves live. So how can we drop into our hearts and experience more magic, possibility and connection in the world? How can we gently break down any protective barriers keeping us from showing the world who we really are?  

The Earth loves us so much, she has given us flowers and plants in which to heal ourselves. There is an abundance of plant allies available to help us heal and support our heart physically and vibrationally.  In this workshop, we explore several herbs and flower medicines that will free, heal and elevate our hearts. We will learn several self-care practices and rituals that can easily be incorporated into daily life. And, we'll make a special herbal self-love blend in class :)  

Join us for an evening of tuning into our heart's frequency!

Please bring a notebook and pen.   

Ticket includes all material fees

$40 advance
$45 at the door