Seven of Wands protective mist

Seven of Wands protective mist


At long last! We have created a clearing and protective spray to strengthen your energetic boundaries.

Named for the Seven of Wands, which is all about protecting your energy, creating strong boundaries, and standing one’s ground, this flower and gem formula is the sweetest and positively protective energy clearing magic.

Best, of all, it’s a 3-in-1 spray! You can use it as an clearing spray for your energetic bodies, spray it into your mouth (or in water), and use it as a hand sanitizer.

Roses hold you in love, and protects your heart. Their thorns set loving boundaries - only those who approach with care may enjoy her sweetness and beauty.

Lemurian Quartz is extremely high vibrational, bringing you into alignment with your true radiance and strengthens our connection to Spirit, and removes energy blockages.

White Yarrow supports the throat chakra, helping us to communicate our needs, feelings, and boundaries. It seals holes in the energetic bodies.

Pink Yarrow creates loving emotional and energetic boundaries, specifically around the heart. It gives us the ability to have an opened heart, while still feeling protected.

Black-eyed Susan brings light to the darkest of areas, surrounding us with golden protection and release that which is trapped.

Smokey Quartz grounds us with Earth energies and is good for working with the Root chakra. It absorbs and transmutes negative energy, and is helpful in group situations.

Hematite absorbs negative energy and calms us in times of stress or worry. It is a very protective stone, helping us stay grounded in many situations, and can boost confidence.

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