Let Go + Let Flow with Mugwort: An E-Book

Let Go + Let Flow with Mugwort: An E-Book


Commonly thought of as a weed in modern times, Mugwort is a highly versatile plant that has a vast history of medicinal, culinary and magical uses.

The scientific name is Artemisia vulgaris, after Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. Vulgaris means common - yet Mugwort's effects are anything but. This plant is associated with the moon and feminine energy, and can be used for divination. Mugwort induces lucid dreaming and aids in astral travel. On a more practical level, it aids and stimulates digestion, acts as a topical astringent and anesthetic, and so much more. 

This vibrant 18-page e-book features a materia medica, a shamanic plant journey, and recipes and ideas on who to work with mugwort in practical, culinary, and magical ways.

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