MOON elixir

MOON elixir

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This elixir is specifically created to address all ailments associated with the menstrual cycle, easing cramping and pain while relaxing and calming the body and mind. Crampbark and Black Cohosh relax the uterine muscles, and Valerian soothes the nerves. Yarrow is a wonderful multi-tasking herb, acting as an anti-inflammatory, encouraging a sound sleep, regulating blood flow and promoting a healthy urinary tract.  Lemon balm and Lavender lift your mood and comfort the spirit. On a vibrational level, essences of black and rainbow Moonstones have been added, which are wonderfully helpful stones for lunar energy.  They help balance hormonal and menstrual cycles, and many people find moonstone to be very soothing and stress relieving.  They are also stones of intuition and insight, senses which are heightened during this time.

The extraction process for this tincture takes over six weeks, and has been infused with reiki. Hand-made in Brooklyn with love.


Ingredients: valerian, yarrow, black cohosh, lemon balm, crampbark, grain alcohol, wildflower honey and essence of black & rainbow moonstones.

"Holy freaking frijoles. This Moon tincture TOTALLY WORKS in making my menstrual cramps disappear!!!! I have had INSANE cramping since having my baby, totally debilitating type cramping. But I kid you not, a couple drops of this eased the pain within 10 mins. Get you some!!!" – Vanessa R. ⠀⠀
"I bought the MOON elixir last night from you and I’m already in love with it! It’s very effective and the taste is actually really great! Thank you so so much!:)" – Danielle K.⠀

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Take 2-4 droppersful in water or juice (or directly on the tongue) every hour, or as needed.

Note: Though this was created with the menstrual cycle in mind, anyone can benefit from the herbs & essences in this elixir.