GODDESS Virtual Breathwork Series

GODDESS Virtual Breathwork Series

from 27.00

Let's invoke our Divine Feminine gifts - intuition, inner wisdom and ancient knowledge, creativity, receptivity and abundance! In this four week series we will work with the Goddess energy to heal and transform our lives, using the ancient Pranayama Breath practice, guided meditation, discussion, and sacred community.

Each session, we will call on a specific Goddess to help us call in these magical, ancient, divine qualities we hold within:

Isis, High Priestess, Intuition & Past Life

Wednesday, May 17th, 8pm EST

Hathor, Receptivity, Healing and Feminine Gifts

Wednesday, May 24th, 8pm EST

Quan Yin, Peace, Inner Strength, Compassion

Wednesday, May 31st, 8pm EST

Ostara, Bringer of Light, Creativity and Manifestation

Wednesday, June 7th, 8pm EST

I will also suggest various plants, herbs and flower essences to enhance and call in when working with each Goddess.



This is a virtual workshop series, which means you get to join in from the comfort of your home (you don't even have to get dressed!). Once you register, I will send you the link and instructions on how to join the workshop(s), including a curated playlist and suggestions on how to prepare your space.

If you can't tune in live, I will send you a link with the recording of the session.

To participate, you must have Spotify Premium and Zoom  (a free web conferencing app).


Exchange: $27 per session, or $100 for all four weeks

Bonus: If you sign up for the whole series, I will send you a special Goddess plant elixir!!

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