BUST Magazine Spotlight

BUST Magazine caught up with me to chat about my career, the roles that nature and Tarot can play in the healing process, and the classes I’ll be teaching at the Craftacular. 


Spirit Guides Radio Podcast, Episode 36

Jordan Catherine Pagán, the author of our freshly published and extremely illuminating guide “Love & Lightwashing: A guide to cultural appropriation, white privilege, and the shadow side of spirituality,” joins us to explore the ins and outs of cultural appropriation, a topic that is of utmost importance right now and always.  


Everything you need to know about being an empath

Article / Interview by Sara Radin


Tarot for the wild soul podcast, episode 45

I am so thrilled and honored to be a guest on Lindsay Mack's podcast! It was a lovely experience. We talked about how my heritage influences my work, my journey to leaving my career job and leaping into tarot reading and herbal medicine full time through the Queen of Swords, and so much more!


home energy design podcast, episode 21

In this episode, I talk with host Amanda Gates about self-care, Reiki, and 13th Octave LaHoChi, and the importance of working with energy in daily life.