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Breathwork for the Dark Moon

INVESTMENT | $30-50 Sliding scale

Did you know that you change your reality in every moment by changing your breath?

Pranayama Breathwork is an incredibly powerful, effective self-healing practice that releases trauma, stored pain, emotional blocks, and stuck energy in the body. Breathwork is a fast and easy way to get clarity about a situation, release old programs and patterns, and restore your physical, emotional and spiritual body to a state of wholeness. You can actually feel your vibration rising with this ancient practice! 

Release what no longer serves you. Leave feeling renewed and refreshed. You will feel so much lighter! And, Breathwork is a completely safe, natural healing tool that perfectly complements any other healing or therapies you may be doing.
In the circle, we will discuss the themes of the Full Moon and the energies it brings. During the session, I will hold space for you and support your journey with love, essential oil blends, palo santo, sweetgrass and Reiki. 

You will also have the opportunity to sample an elixir or tonic from Ostara Apothecary.

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