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Tarot Symbolism 101 *Online Workshop*

Ever wonder why there's a black cat sitting with the Queen of Wands? Why is there a butterfly on the King of Swords' throne? Why is there so much yellow in the Smith Waite deck, and what do all those colors mean? As you read the cards, you'll notice that certain symbols will catch your attention more than others. This is no accident! 

Symbols serve as messages from our higher selves and the Universe, and is one of the oldest forms of communication. We are able to intuitively and instantly connect with these images, which unlocks so much meaning and insight. In the Smith Waite deck, each individual card is loaded with symbolism from Kabbalah, Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, the Golden Dawn and Astrology. Oh, and also numerology! It's a lot to take in, but we will learn how to make it fun and easy! What's important is your own personal and intuitive connection with the cards.

In this workshop, we will explore the myriads of symbols and themes in the Smith Waite deck to gain a deeper understanding of the Tarot, as well as use them as visual clues to aid in learning. Learning a few key symbols that run throughout the deck is an easy way to connect with the cards -- and it's my favorite way to read the Tarot.

Join us for a fun and inspiring deep dive into the Tarot! 

Investment: $22